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Virtual Desktop Software Pricing

Pricing Policies

The price structures for WebÞing's Virtual Desktop software are as follows:

  1. Commercial Webserver Use.

    This applies to any webserver where you are offering a service to third parties for payment. This includes indirect payment, such as advertising revenue generated by a server running WebÞing software. You pay for installation/customization, and a percentage royalty on your revenues.

  2. Commercial Intranet Use.

    This applies to uses by commercial or government organizations, other than the WebServer use described above (for example, a server run by a company for use of its staff and project partners). You pay a single Software Purchase price, plus the installation/customization charge.

  3. Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

    If you are purchasing the Virtual Desktop exclusively for use on your server by customers to whom you are providing Internet dialup connections, you may purchase Virtual Desktop software royalty-free at Commercial Intranet prices.

  4. Unsupported Use

    Certain parts of the software are available for download from this site. These may be used as described in their individual licenses. WebÞing can also customise and install them for you on request, but will not generally support them further.

If your proposed use is not covered by one of the above, please contact us to discuss it.

Installation and Customization

The Installation prices quoted assume you have a UNIX (or Unix-like; e.g. Linux) server available, and can arrange access for us over the Internet. In some cases we will need GNU cc and libg++ to be available.


Installation prices include basic customization where required:

  1. Site-wide look-and-feel. The overall layout, colours, and the toolbar. See the "browser" link for some detail of the kind of site-wide tailoring possible.
    To take advantage of this, you can either supply us with an HTML page marked up as you wish it to be presented or offer a full description of what you want. If you wish to include images, you must supply them.
  2. Text. We can substitute your text for ours in any WebÞing page. You must supply us with the URL of the page and your exact text, in a plain text or HTML file (no word-processor documents).

Further customization, including programming and integration with other systems and software, is available at an additional cost.


Source Code License

A source code license is available to commercial users purchasing software or entering into a royalty agreement. Users purchasing source code may dispense with WebÞing's installation/customization. A non-disclosure agreement may be required.

Basic Support Contract

Priority email support including free upgrades may be purchased at a monthly charge.

Joint Server Management

We offer an extended support contract, whereby you retain physical control of the server and deal with routine administration (such as monitoring and backups) while we take complete responsibility for running the Virtual Desktop software, including all general administration of users accounts and workgroups.

Full Server Management

If you require full server management, we can arrange to host your server at a "server farm", operated by a third-party. Charges are the same as for joint server management, with the addition of the server farm operator's charges at cost. A virtual server for a small site is just a few dollars a month, whilst a dedicated server for hundreds or thousands of users may be anything from about $300 per month.

Table of Costs

All prices are UK£ Sterling

Cost SchedulesNotes
Installation£450£550£650Including customization
Software Purchase£300£600£950Commercial Intranet and ISP use only
RoyaltyNeg (see below).Commercial Webserver use only
Basic Support£35/m£50/m£75/mPriority email support and upgrades (optional).
Server Management£120 + £30 per 100 usersOption - see above. Price is per month.
Source License£3500£5000£7500Optional, with Software or Royalty

Note: any two Schedule A purchases may be combined at a single Schedule B price.


Royalties generally apply to any commercial webserver use, as defined above. The percentage will vary, depending on the extent to which your site is driven by WebÞing software. A server offering the Virtual Desktop as a main service would pay around 10%.