WebÞing Virtual Desktop Software

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Downloading Virtual Desktop Components

Some of the Virtual Desktop programs are available for download. The license terms for each program are summarised on its page: some are free under GNU licensing terms; others are free for noncommercial use only or shareware.

WebÞing uses its own File Manager to make software available. When you follow the download link you will be prompted for your WebÞing username and password. If you do not have a WebÞing account, you may use username guest with password guest.

The actual downloadable components are the attachments to the descriptions. They are generally gzipped tarfiles; use

gzip -cd [file] | tar xf -

to extract them (if your browser hasn't the wit to do it automatically). Documents in PC wordprocessor formats are zipped: a tool such as pkunzip will extract them.

In case you come to this page whilst still under construction we have an old software page here.