WebÞing Virtual Desktop Software


WebÞing Virtual Desktop Software

WebÞing is to the Office Network as the Laptop to the PC.

These pages describe the Virtual Desktop software products and related services available from WebÞing. Please follow the links below to the particular products you are interested in.

Software Options for Commercial Users


Complete Virtual Desktop

The integrated product (operating at this site) is more than the sum of its parts.


The first and only mail-by-web software to include not only a full-featured mail reader, but also advanced mail server facilities available to all users.


A full-featured groupware calendar, bundled with a private diary/notebook.

File Manager

A complete webserver-based filesystem, for individuals and workgroups.

WebMoot '97

An Internet Conferencing application, combining real-time chat, threaded discussion and email participation.



All WebÞing software is developed on and for Unix servers. If you do not wish to operate a server, you may prefer to consider our server management options. We cannot currently offer support for non-Unix platforms.