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cg-eye is a test harness for HTTP and CGI. It may be used as an intermediate stage between running your software from the commandline and putting it online, and will diagnose a number of potential problems.

There are currently three components to cg-eye:

  1. cg-eye offline - A test harness to simulate a CGI environment offline, without the need for a browser or HTTP server. Prints diagnostic messages about a range of likely problems.
  2. cg-eye interactive - An online harness to specify an HTTP request to send to your server and print diagnostics on the server's response.
  3. cg-eye live - An online harness to intercept a request from a browser (normally generated "live" from an HTML form) and forward it to your server. Details of both the Request and the server's Response are printed.


cg-eye is running online at the Web Design Group.

It is available for download under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) from here. Note that this excludes validation software, which is available from other sources including WDG).


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